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With the recent news about coronavirus, most people are now working from home.  I have chosen not to travel for meetings in London and a majority of my meetings are held online over skype or through my virtual office.  The benefits of working remotely or at home and having online meetings means that:

  • it saves travel time;
  • the cost of travel is reduced;
  • we can meet during office hours,  lunch breaks, after hours or weekends; 
  • we can edit documents in real time and share screen; 
  • depending on the time difference, online meetings means I help applicants from all over the world, not just the UK;
  • it gives us more flexibility in scheduling meetings;
  • we are more sustainable to our environment. 

Working from home also allows you more time for family and personal time including being able to work on your UK Global Talent Visa endorsement applications.

I have been working remotely for 7 years. It started when I decided to move to the UK and I worked as a solicitor for the Western Australian Government. I tried to resign from my job due to my relocation however, my manager offered me to work remotely for one year since I only wanted to go for one year. While it was very difficult at first getting used to working from home, there were so many other benefits.

The main benefit was I was more effective and efficient with my time because there were no distractions. This meant my work was done in half the time. We scheduled online meetings and kept the meetings short and sharp so that we could get back to work.

I also discovered I was able to re-prioritise my work life around my personal life which is not usually the case. Working in an office means that your personal life works around your work life.

Working from home at this time means you can take advantage of

  • the extra brain space you have gained to focus on your future plans in the UK;
  • using that extra time for your personal matters because you will have saved time from travelling to and from the office; and
  • being able to step back from the day to day busy-ness of working in the office with physical interactions with colleagues and clients. This is because it is mentally draining to constantly interact with people every day.

If you are working from home and now have time to think about your UK Global Talent Visa and start working on your Stage 1 endorsement application, click here to find out how having a one hour skype call with me can help you get you started on your application.

Please take care of your physical and mental health and well being during these challenging times.

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