Global Talent Visa Endorsement: Top 10 Tips in 2020

Given the way the world is now, I understand there is uncertainty about the future.  We need to continue to stay focussed on our goals and become creative in achieving them.  Here is a round up of my top tips from all my webinars and newsletters throughout 2020 as a result of all your questions during the year.

1. The UK is a country that offers many opportunities to enter awards.  It was one of the first things I learnt when I entered the tech industry.  There are numerous competitions and awards for startup entrepreneurs so if you are one, consider entering them – Winning them or being shortlisted shows impact or potential or leading talent.  If you are working for a company, internal company awards while are great achievements, Tech Nation view industry awards more favourably. If you’re not in the UK, find out what awards are available in your own country.

2. Is your LinkedIn profile or social media up to date? Now is the perfect time to look at your online public facing profile and start to connect with your audience, your potential mentors, international industry colleagues, connect with people in the tech industry and think about how you can add value to your own community.  Share information, retweet or share posts, engage in other people’s posts, start online discussions or join online community groups and be active in these.  By doing this, you start to become known in your industry and over time, people will start reaching out to you for your expertise.  I know this because I have received free PR as a result of being active on social media, online and through networking within my community.

3. Assessors’ Feedback – I am often contacted by unsuccessful applicants about their feedback from Assessors.  While it is very disheartening to read negative feedback about your application, you need to consider all your options, develop a strategy and then decide what to do.  Sometimes, lack of time forces you to decide one way while lack of evidence forces you another way.  If time is not against you, consider seeking further feedback to help you make your next application better and stronger. Here is my blog about appeals.

4. Your experts should have a public facing profile.  This exercise is not just about your own public facing profile and achievements, it’s also about them too.  The experts you choose may not be appropriate experts in accordance with Tech Nation guidelines.  In this instance, consider whether they can provide a letter of support instead to help you fulfil the key or qualifying criteria.

5. Leverage and expand your network as much as you can during this period and process.  It may take some time to reconnect with your network however, they may be the key in helping you fulfil some criteria.

6. While content is king, structure is even more important because someone has to read your application.  If you don’t structure your application in a way that is clear, concise, to the point and fulfils the criteria, the assessor may not endorse you with exceptional talent or exceptional promise.  Make your application as visually appealing as possible, clear and easy to read.

7. Ensure all your documents fulfil each criteria or option.  I advise against submitting the same documents for different criteria/option.  This is because you want the Assessor to follow your application and understand the story you are trying to tell.  Do not confuse the Assessor by putting all your documents against all the criteria.  It will only irritate and frustrate them.  Before you choose your documents, ask yourself, does this one document fulfil this particular criteria? Your documents depends on the criteria you select.  If you select a criteria that requires you to show impact or significant contribution, ensure that the evidence is about impact or significant contribution.

8. Your personal statement is your chance to tell your professional story, list your past and current achievements as well as your future plans in the UK.  If you live in the UK already, any work already done in the UK as well as showing how you impact the UK tech sector will be very beneficial. If you don’t live in the UK, you show how you impact your own tech sector.

9. If you are a consultant or an outsourcer, unfortunately, the Global Talent Visa route is not suitable for you. This is because Tech Nation specifically list those occupations as ineligible for those candidates.

10. If you have submitted your application, you can check to see if Tech Nation have reviewed it or are in the process of reviewing it by logging back into the system and checking the “Preview” tab.  My previous clients have advised that there are time stamps logged for both initial applications and appeals so you can check to see if there has been any movement in your submitted applications.

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