How We Did It! UK Global Talent Visa Recipient Katie Carroll #TechNationVisa

I first met Katie in 2018 through her mum who introduced me to Katie.  I had spoken to Katie’s mum about her own application for the UK Global Talent Visa in digital technologies (and also known as the #TechNationVisa).

While Katie’s mum has since received her own Start up visa, Katie on the other hand decided to apply for the UK Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies.

Katie is from sunny California, and moved to London on an ICT visa.  Her background was working in Silicon Valley for startups in media tech and one start up she worked for was acquired by LinkedIn!  LinkedIn then gave her the once in a lifetime opportunity to live and work in London to head its news team for the UK and North America.

For Katie, London is the ideal place for her to spearhead LinkedIn’s international development. She works with editors from Beijing to Berlin as she launches and expands LinkedIn’s digital products and initiatives. Being in the UK puts Katie at the heart of both global news and LinkedIn’s own product development; and London is the best place for Katie to use her international experience to continue to do this. Personally, after 2 years, Katie fell in love with the London tech scene, lifestyle and culture.

It was now all on Katie (big pressure!) to convince Tech Nation, the endorsing body for the UK Global Talent Visa in digital technologies that she deserved to stay in London.  With her experience in the media tech industry both in California and London, as well as her community work at Hacks Hackers London and Newcastle, being a Tech Adviser at Growth and Grace collective, contributing to the digital media tech community at Newcastle University and speaking at the Girls Talk London : Black Girls Tech Summit in London. Katie was also making huge strides at LinkedIn by being selected for a one-of-a-kind leadership accelerator partnered with Harvard Business School to progress her professional career at LinkedIn.

While Katie was successful for the UK Global Talent Tech Visa, it came with many challenges she faced along the way and the very real possibility of her current UK visa expiring within months.

Having been through the experience myself, I am not only inspired by Katie’s perseverance, hard work and tenacity, I am very appreciative that Katie allowed me to be part of her journey because of my personal and professional goal of increasing diversity in the UK tech sector.  And her mum knew best; that Katie deserved this visa and was a constant source of support throughout the process.

I interviewed Katie on my newly launched Inspirational How We Did It webinar series 2020 where Katie shared her journey on her 2 applications where she finally got her endorsement and UK Global Talent Visa in digital technology!

Click here to watch my interview with Katie!

Katies’ biggest takeaway tips were:

  1. For qualifying criteria 1 showing significant impact, the more metrics you can point to, the better;
  2. Use the word “I” to discuss your work rather than your team’s work;
  3. throw in stats to show how you much impact you made;
  4. Use images, charts, diagrams, planning;
  5. Explain your diagrams and your work;
  6. Submit work product and explain why that matters;
  7. Be clear about what your letters of support are used for – for example, ensure they fit the criteria;
  8. Add screenshots for evidence;
  9. Pick only the required criteria rather than picking more than necessary because you only have 10 documents to submit; and
  10. Follow the guidelines – if you think it is basic or obvious, it is not. Be clear.

And finally, Katie’s key takeaway is:

It is a real mental shift to take ownership of the things you have done and figure out how to position it in the right way. This process not only helps you with your endorsement and visa but it also helps with your career moving forward.

Fantastic advice from an exceptionally talented woman!

Please note Katie submitted before 1 December 2020. After 1 December 2020, Tech Nation have published new guidelines. Read more about the changes and new guidelines here!

Learn how woman in tech, Hadeel Ayoub, CEO of Brightsign Glove received her endorsement for exceptional talent for the UK Global Talent Visa during the Covid 19 lockdown here!

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