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Diego Andrés Pérez Ruiz from Mexico is a Data Analyst for a progressive housing company in Manchester.  He received his Phd and postdoc position in Mathematics at the University of Manchester.  Together with his prior education, an MSc in Probability and Statistics and a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Computer Sciences, it allowed him to create and apply complex statistical concepts to produce predictive models for use in the NHS, for public security and for key decision makers. All his projects impacted the health-tech sector in the UK.

While working in industry, he was thrown into working on improving business processes during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, developing software routines to maintain the databases and Geographic Information Systems to visualise data.  He worked on a highly innovative project to help the business make key decisions on how they should navigate the Covid-19 lockdown.

Diego chose to live in Manchester and currently on a Doctorate Extension Tier 4 visa.

He was the winner of prestigious university awards, provided keynotes at international conferences and was involved in numerous innovative health tech projects which secured grants from the UK Government. 

All his achievements, projects and work in the digital technology sector made him a highly likely candidate to be successful in his application for endorsement for exceptional promise for the UK Global Talent Visa.

So it was extremely disheartening to learn that Tech Nation’s assessor did not endorse Diego’s application for exceptional promise.

Given my experience in going through the Stage 1 Global Talent Visa endorsement process myself and helping over 250 applicants with their endorsement applications, I am often asked to review unsuccessful applications and review Assessor’s feedback to advise applicants on 

  1. the feedback the Assessor provided;
  2. whether the feedback is correct;
  3. whether the applicant should appeal or
  4. whether the applicant should submit a fresh application.

It is always disheartening to receive an unsuccessful result. Especially when applicants, such as Diego have worked so hard on their applications for weeks and more likely months only to receive a letter and feedback to say the decision is not to endorse the applicant leaving them to question what their next steps should be and what their future would hold.

Upon reviewing Diego’s application and the Assessor’s decision, why and how Diego did not receive his endorsement for exceptional promise came down to two things: the structure and content of his application did not allow the Assessor to fully appreciate his achievements in the health tech sector , his very high accolades nor were they provided with the opportunity to fully understand all of his innovative projects.

The Assessor’s feedback was very useful and upon a review of Diego’s initial application that he submitted, it was very clear that a resubmission addressing the Assessor’s feedback would produce a more successful result than if he appealed the decision. Time was also running out for Diego as his current visa was due to expire within two months.  Therefore, his decision to resubmit the application for the Stage 1 endorsement for the Global Talent Visa #TechNationVisa was led by a strategic approach.

Diego and I worked very hard during the Covid-19 lockdown to restructure his application, add more content and he contacted his previous and new experts to seek their support for his 2nd application for endorsement.  It was a testament to his close relationships with his experts that their letters of recommendation produced a quick turnaround.

Diego’s personal statement also became more structured, detailing his professional accolades and focussed on his professional achievements and innovations both in academia and industry.

The most significant change in Diego’s application was the (now) former Key Criteria 1: the innovation criteria.  Diego spent most of his time focussing all his efforts on showing the innovations in his work namely, making it crystal clear what the innovation was, why it was innovative, how was it innovative and the impact of his innovation.  

As his new documents took shape,  Diego very quickly saw how different his first application was compared with his 2nd more refined and more structured application.

In just three weeks, Diego received the successful result that he deserved.  I knew from the outset that Diego would, more than likely, receive a successful result. But with all applicants I advise, I never guarantee success. I can only guarantee a strong application with the evidence that we produce together.  I had a very good feeling about Diego’s application and the confirmation from the Home Office and Tech Nation was all we needed to let out a huge sigh of relief and enjoy a celebratory zoom call after learning the good news.

Diego is now applying for his Stage 2 Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies.  This is another challenge because the visa centres are closed due to the Covid-19 lockdown.  However, his challenge of being endorsed with exceptional promise in Stage 1 is now over, his future in the UK is becoming clearer and more certain. The UK tech sector is very very lucky that Diego chose Manchester to settle down for the next five years and continue to contribute to the advancement of the UK tech sector.

In my Inspirational How We Did Webinar, Diego offered some insightful advice having gone through the process twice. His advice to other applicants is:

  1. Seek support
  2. Trust the process because feedback is key and use the feedback to appeal or resubmit
  3. Start preparing early so you don’t run out of time and
  4. Have a good relationship with your experts so they can write your letters quickly

Watch my Inspirational How We Did it Webinar where i interview Diego!

If you would like guidance and help on the Stage 1 Global Talent Visa Endorsement process or appeals, I help highly skilled tech entrepreneurs and talent increase their chances for a successful application for endorsement for exceptional promise or exceptional talent.  For all my packages of support for the Stage 1 UK Global Talent Visa, click here. Please note Diego submitted before 1 December 2020. After 1 December 2020, Tech Nation have published new guidelines. Read more about the changes and new guidelines here!

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