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After receiving my own UK Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies in 2016, my career in the UK progressed significantly.  This is because I was more settled in the UK without having to constantly worry about my immigration status.

The Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies helps any foreign tech entrepreneur or tech talent build their tech career in the UK.

However, in order to get there, you must first be endorsed with Exceptional Talent or Exceptional Promise by Tech Nation before you can apply for your Global Talent Visa.

What is Required?

15 documents must be submitted consisting of:

  1. Your CV;
  2. Personal Statement ;and
  3. 3 letters of recommendations by experts in your field.

From 1 December 2020, you need to meet Mandatory and Optional criteria where you select 3 out of 5 criteria.

What are the New Mandatory and Optional Criteria?

The Mandatory Criteria is:

  1. Show Leadership or potential leadership

You now must meet one mandatory criteria.

The Qualifying Criteria are:

  1. Show proven track record of innovation or examples of innovation
  2. Proof of recognition outside of your day to day job that advances the digital tech sector
  3. Significant commercial, technical or entrepreneurial contributions to a product led digital technology company
  4. Academic contributions

You only need to meet 2 out of 4 optional criteria.

These new changes took effect from 1 December 2020. Read my blog here!

How many documents do I need to submit?

You should submit 3 documents or 3 pieces of evidence per criteria to ensure you meet the criteria.  That takes it up to 9 documents so if you feel stronger in one criteria, submit 4 documents against that criteria.

Has Covid 19 impacted applications for endorsements?

I have seen 2 impacts from Covid-19.  The first is that application numbers started off lower perhaps because of the uncertainty however, decisions from Assessors usually take up to 8 weeks but during Covid-19, decisions have come back in as little as 24 hours!

People are also working from home and are thinking about their future now.  The UK Global Talent Visa provides flexibility and many benefits to those who want to build their tech career in the UK.

Who can be my experts and what do they need to say in my letters of recommendation?

You need 3 letters from people who are experts in your field. These experts need to be from 3 different organisations speaking from 3 different perspectives about you.

They need to support your future plans in the UK, need to be very senior in their organisation and understand the role you play and will play in the UK tech sector.

What if I am unsuccessful? Can I appeal the decision?

Yes, you can appeal the decision if you believe the Assessor made a mistake in assessing your application.

Read my blog on Whether You Should Appeal the Assessor’s Decision

How do I find out more information?

I deliver Inspirational Webinars and Educational Webinars every 2 weeks. 

Inspirational Webinars where I interview successful recipients who are my clients that I have helped.

My educational webinars go into more detail about the whole process and my presentation is a lite version of the presentation that is available in my online membership area.


New changes take effect from 1 December 2020. Read my blog here!

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