Has your Global Talent Visa endorsement application been unsuccessful?

Don’t lose hope… now you can get the help you need to appeal and ask the endorsing body (Tech Nation) to reconsider your application!

Unlimited Number of Visa Endorsement applications are approved each year*
And each application must be endorsed to be considered for approval!

Appeal Packages

Review Unsuccessful

Received an unsuccessful result? Let me review your application and the assessor's feedback to discuss your options and the likelihood of a successful appeal.
Step 1

Draft Appeal

Once I review the Assessor's decision, let me take the pressure off and draft your appeal for you to increase your chances of overturning the Assessor’s decision.
Step 2

My Support Includes:


“Michelle helped me in putting a structure and strategy around my application”

My initial unsuccessful application came with feedback that further increased my chances. Michelle helped me in putting a structure and strategy around my application. That was the gap for me. I was so overwhelmed with the
process and Michelle’s helpand support was my golden bullet!”

Founder, Nigeria, 2020 Global Talent Visa Recipient (Exceptional Promise)


“Is this for real!?”

Is this for real? :O
I was not even planning to appeal but all thanks to you, we did this! YOU ARE A STAR!

Global Talent Visa recipient (Exceptional Talent) 2023, India


“Your expertise and guidance throughout the process have been invaluable”

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for your outstanding dedication and commitment to preparing my appeal for the Global Talent Visa. Your expertise and guidance throughout the process have been invaluable, and I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you invested in my case. I am truly grateful for your responsiveness and availability whenever I had questions or needed clarification.

Exceptional Promise candidate, Morocco


“Thanks a lot for the pointers you gave during our session”

Hi Michelle. I went ahead to draft the appeal myself after our review session since I wouldn’t lose anything doing an appeal. Amazingly, following the appeal, Tech Nation reconsidered my application and I have now been endorsed as an ET. I wanted to share the feedback with you. Thanks a lot for the pointers you gave during our session as they helped me a lot in drafting the appeal myself!

Nigeria, Global Talent Visa recipient (Exceptional Talent) 2023

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My resources do not guarantee endorsement and my advice and guidance is only for the Stage 1 endorsement process. If you have any immigration questions or need advice on the Stage 2 Visa applications, I advise seeking the services of a UK immigration lawyer specialising in UK visas.

How I Can Help You With The UK Global Talent Visa Appeal Process

I have reviewed a lot of feedback from Tech Nation Visa assessors and understand how confusing their feedback can be and why you weren’t successful.  I have advocated for many unsuccessful applicants and have been successful in their appeal.  

With a 54% endorsement rate by Tech Nation, I am often contacted by unsuccessful applicants who have applied for exceptional talent or exceptional promise for the Global Talent Visa (formerly Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa).

I completely understand how disappointing it must feel when an email comes in and the news isn’t good.

The most common questions I receive are:

1. Should I appeal?

This depends on what the decision or feedback was.  The most common feedback is that the applicant has failed to meet the mandatory or optional criteria.  If you decide to appeal, you must convince the new assessor that the first assessor made a mistake and did not consider the evidence submitted.  

2. The assessor’s feedback is incorrect. I have submitted evidence to meet the criteria and the assessor considered that I didn’t meet it. 

If you consider the assessor made an error, you can point where the error was made in your appeal and refer to the documents or evidence submitted.

3. What should I do? 

This depends on what the feedback was.  I’ve had instances were applicants were unsuccessful because they did not meet the criteria. I worked with the client and instead of appealing, we decided to use the assessor’s feedback and submit a fresh application.  The new application was accepted and my client was endorsed.

4. If I appeal, what are the chances that the decision is overturned? 

This depends because of the evidence submitted in the first instance.  You cannot submit fresh evidence in your appeal, but only re-iterate evidence that was submitted. Even if you submit an appeal, and are unsuccessful again, the good news is you will receive further feedback which will help you submit a fresh application.  So, all will not be lost if you decide to submit a fresh application because you will have 2 pieces of feedback to refer to.

5. If I don’t appeal, can I resubmit a fresh application?

Yes, sometimes it’s better to submit a fresh application using the feedback provided. I would need to review your application and assessor’s decision to help you work out your options.

*Disclaimer – the Stage 1 endorsement for exceptional talent and exceptional promise are not visa applications. I only coach in Stage 1 endorsement applications.  For any immigration advice, please seek the services of an immigration solicitor.

Ready to Discuss Your Unsuccessful Result and Consider an Appeal?

Help to Review your Application Submitted
The Global Talent Visa #TechNationVisa process requires you to meet the strict criteria. Let me help you understand decide which criteria suits your situation and how to fulfil the criteria in the best way in my Strategy Sessions.
Help to Review the Assessor's Decision
While content is king in meeting the strict criteria, structure is queen! Let me help you structure your application to increase your chances of a successful application.
Help to Draft your Appeal
I was a solicitor in Australia and have 3 years experience in the Stage 1 endorsement process. I am an experienced adviser, coach and mentor who will help you through the endorsement process.
Review and Sense Check
It is important to have an expert who not only understands the requirements but has also been through the process herself and have helped so many people appeal the Assessor's decision. I help you with your appeal by clarifying your evidence submitted.
Answer Your Questions
Got any niggling questions that you just can’t find the answer to? Let me take the stress out of the application process by answering all your questions that is relevant to you and your situation, give you ideas on how you can strengthen your application and provide tips and guidance on how to present your evidence in the right way.
Support via Zoom Call
I understand how disappointing you must feel when you receive an unsuccessful result. I will discuss your options, your application, assessors decision in detail and help you understand the guidelines, why the assessor made their decision and answer all your questions.
Vocational Training and Support
Having been in the UK tech industry for the past 7 years, I became a thought leader in the wearable tech industry. I provide vocational training and support to help you how you can improve your application, build your tech career in the UK because being a leader in the tech industry, making significant impact and being innovative requires you to possess a range of skills to be an exceptional talent or exceptional promise candidate.

Appeal Questionnaire

Please complete my questionnaire so I can review the assessor’s feedback and provide you with some options.

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