Exceptionally Talented FinTech Entrepreneur Jadesola Opawumi

During the Covid-19 lockdown, my webinars are the only way for me to reach potential applicants wishing to learn about the Global Talent Visa in Digital Technologies. It is also a great opportunity for me to meet everyone from different countries and particularly those who are based outside of the UK. Jadesola Opawumi from Nigeria […]

Exceptionally Talented UX Designer, Tetiana Donska

I often meet applicants who have done so much research for their Stage 1 application for the Global Talent Visa endorsement in digital technologies. So when I first met Tetiana after she attended my Educational Webinar, it was very clear that Tetiana was ready. However, she reached a point in her research and her application […]

UK Global Talent Visa | Tech Entrepreneur, Hadeel Ayoub

I often meet inspiring women in wearable tech because of my passion for advocating them.  They are not only my industry colleagues, they are my motivators, friends and inspire me to keep going because we share the same challenges, the same highs and the same lows. We also work in a challenging industry where we […]

How We Did It! UK Global Talent Visa Recipient Katie Carroll #TechNationVisa

I first met Katie in 2018 through her mum who introduced me to Katie.  I had spoken to Katie’s mum about her own application for the UK Global Talent Visa in digital technologies (and also known as the #TechNationVisa). While Katie’s mum has since received her own Start up visa, Katie on the other hand […]

UK Global Talent Visa | Woman in Tech from Nigeria Mofoluke Ayoola #TechNationVisa

Mofoluke Ayoola is an innovator in the home furnishing industry. A strong role model and business woman with a clear track record of growing successful businesses. Mofoluke moved to London to complete her Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership to build and design an innovative app to add to her existing business. So it was […]

UK Global Talent Visa | Graphene Graduate, Daniel Melendrez

My last blog was about successful recipients of the UK Global Talent Visas in digital technologies #TechNationVisa. Taras Lanchev, an Exceptionally Talented Graduate from Ukraine and this blog is also about an exceptionally talented graduate, but from Mexico. I met Daniel Melendrez when we were one of a select few startups invited to exhibit at the launch of the new […]

Exceptionally Talented Chinese Angel of the North, WeiTing Huang

I’ve been very impressed with the high calibre of international students and graduates especially in the North of England who succeeded in their application for exceptional talent and exceptional promise.  This is because these students and graduates while still very early in their tech career, have shown exceptional promise in the field of digital and […]

How I Became a British Citizen

My journey in becoming a British citizen started 7 years ago when I moved to Manchester from Australia to live for one year.  Little did I know that that was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey in digital tech to now being a British citizen. At the time, I was on a short term visa and worked […]

UK Global Talent Visa

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